Monday, 31st March, 2014

Rarely at examinations do I get annoyed, and the few times I have it has always been comments from non training members. So here is my statement in fact. Please do not ask for special treatment for yourself or your child as if it is needed over 40 years experience will have already alerted me to that fact. Please do not expect me to consider that anyone in  the club is more deserving or special as that is your personal opinion and one that all can entertain when thinking of their own, I treat all  members as one, if I did not that would  lead to an organisation where favorites and  the talented rule and the rest are considered less. Lastly, Say nothing in haste as I was once told that the word sorry is an excuse to commit the same mistakes again. Obviously this is only my humble opinion and I fully realise your ideals are preferable to mine so I wish you well as you leave the club if you think that would be in the best interests for you or your child.

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