Tuesday, 24th September, 2013

I Wonder how many Black belts remember the kyu grading experience ? The importance of Grading has been corrupted over the last half century to become one of achievement and status. Originally the only person who needed to be impressed was the individual concerned, the level achieved was not a badge to be worn to demonstrate higher rank. The idea should be that on grading the student has demonstrated they have reached a physical and practical level that promotes them to further and more advanced training. Sometimes the euphoria wears off and the student feels slightly depressed, the cure for many is to set their sights on the next level, problem is that in looking forward many miss the point of mastering the present. There is nothing new, just unknown history and partial improvement through limited commitment exists in the individuals mind only. in plain and simple terms, Look at each lesson for its content, sometimes the simplest thing creates the greatest improvement and wear your New belt with pride born of your efforts over the past 3 months, not as another step towards Shodan or some incorrect notion that the colour of a belt makes you superior in any way to a fellow student. If you have to tell someone that you are better thenĀ  perhaps that is your opinion only.

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