Sunday, 25th August, 2013

When you achieve Shodan you have completed an apprenticeship. You then improve and move on in knowledge and commitment to a way of life. When you pass Nidan you have proved karate was more than getting a black belt. When you pass Sandan you have surpassed many thousands of other Karateka. By this time if you are still training with enthusiasm, honesty and supporting your club then grades are of less importance than the respect held by your fellow Karateka and the pride your Sensei feels for you. Sensei Leigh could not be prouder at this moment of his Black belt group. The greatest achievement would be to one day feel as he does. Well done to all new Dan grades every where and every style. And Good Luck. Try, Care, Make a difference.

Successfully passed their exams

New Shodans

New Shodan grades (from the left):Samantha Caple, Jenny Timperley, Emily Smith, Diane Fitton, Luke Wilcock, Daniel Caple – With Sensei Leigh Smith (7th Dan)

Higher Dan Grades

Higher grades (from the left): Nigel Cox (Nidan), Marie Fitton (Sandan), June Duff (Sandan), Solvita Rovite (Sandan), Andrejs Kozlovs (Sandan), Janis Kozlovskis (Yondan) – With Sensei Leigh Smith (7th Dan)


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