Sunday, 25th August, 2013


Reckless, feckless, impetuous youth,
Mirrored nemesis in age enforced truth.
Fates hewn  path all forced to tread,
En route sagacity, instilled from what others said.

Sadness and gladness pondered in unhurried repose,
Of events on our journey and the way fate chose.
Brief moments  of elation that made spirits bright,
Tempered with inevitabilities that dimmed that light.

Battles, victories, stalemate, defeat,
The importance of which was often deceit.
Through offspring’s eyes we recognised,
Mistakes we made and self despised.

Family, friends and acquaintances, faded to guilt laden loss,
Acceptance and strength garnered, paid at solitudes cost.
Exchanged for the warmth felt in embrace and loves kiss,
Secret desires so many liars, causing regret and remiss.

As judge and jury we eventually understand,
The road on which we traveled was of unstable sand.
We smile in thought as fate reveals truth,
All roads belong to Reckless, feckless impetuous youth.

No sadness needed, no deeds to amend,
We should all strive to be that youth until the end.

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