Minimum Grading Requirements

Minimum training time 5 years. Points apply Teaching/Assisting records must be submitted


FunakoshiThesis of Karate-Do, Technical and Historical: 5 Pages.

(May be submitted in native language but where there is no English translation then thesis must be submitted one month in advance so a translation can be arranged and recorded.)

(Must be students own work & not plagiarised)


1. Tokui Waza, Attack / Defence / Deai / Ashibarai / Projection


2.  Tokui Kata

3.  A Kata selected by the Commission from those scheduled in the programme up to 4th Dan.

4.  Demonstration and explanation of Bunkai of above

5.  Practical Demonstration and explanation of Bunkai & teaching methods for kata from previous examination criteria. x2 (Kata must be different to Tokui Kata)


6.  Jiyu Kumite