10-12 weeks training, minimum 12 points accrued

General Requirements

FunakoshiStudents should show a good quality of stance, speed and power. Kata and anytechniques demonstrated should be performed without mistakes and must bedelivered with proper timing, continuation and kime (focus of power and energy).

Kihon (Basics)

1. Make Gedanbarai (groin block). Step Forward Gedanbarai x3. Mawatte.

2. Ageuke (rising block) x3 Forward. Mawatte

3. Sotouke (outside block) x3 Forward. Mawatte

4. Oizuki Chudan x3 Forward. Mawatte repeat Jodan, Mawatte

5. Gyakuzuki (reverse punch) Chudan x3 Forward Steps, Mawatte. Yame.

6. Zen stance. Maegeri Chudan x3, Mawatte repeat Jodan, Mawatte. Yame.

7. Yokogeri Keage chudan (side snap kick) x 3 in Kiba Dachi (horse stance), Mawatte, repeat Jodan

8. Yokogeri Kikomi (side thrust kick) Chudan x 3 in Kiba Dachi (horse stance), Mawatte, repeat Jodan. Mawatte. Yame.

Kata (Form)


Kata should be performed without mistakes and using tempo, continuation and transmission of power.

Kumite (Sparring)


3-step sparring with partner from Yoi Dachi (natural stance).

<p”>Move right leg back into gedan berai student announces target area, Chudan (middle) then attacks with Oizuki Chudan x3 . Partner steps back x3 defending with Sotouke. Counter with Kia after last block. Both students stand Yame. (defender stands forward)

Repeat for Jodan (head) level attack (oizuki) defend with ageuke.

All defence sets (blocks) end with Gyakuzuki, Kia!