Minimum Grading Requirements

Funakoshi3 months training period and 22 points

This grading is essentially basic in content, but students must demonstrate an upgrading of quality in stance, speed and power. Kata should be performed without mistakes and using tempo, continuation and transmission of power. Kumite should be accurate in offence and demonstrate effective defence and counter-attack.

Kihon (Basics)

From Gedanbarai

1. Step forward gedanbarai gyakuzuki, x 3

2 Step back ageuke gyakuzuki, x 3

3. Step forward sotouke gyakuzuki, x 3

4. Step back  uchiuke gyakuzuki, x 3

5. Step forward Oizuki  chudan x3 mawatte repeat Jodan Mawatte Yame.

6. Make Kokutsudachi Shutouke x 3  Mawatte repeat. Mawatte, Yame.

7. Kamae. Maegeri Chudan x3. Mawatte repeat Jodan. Mawatte. Yame.

8. Kiba Dachi Kamae. Yokogeri Keage Chudan x3 Mawatte repeat Jodan. Mawatte.

9. Yokogeri Kikomi chudan x3 Mawatte repeat Jodan. Mawatte. Yame.

10. Kamae. Mawashigeri chudan x3. Mawatte repeat Jodan.Mawatte. Yame.

Kata (Form)




With partner from Yoi Dachi. (natural stance)

Attacker steps back into gedan berai & announces Chudan.

Oizuki Chudan x 1 forward. Yame.

Defender steps back with Sotouke gyakuzuki, Kia! Yame.

Repeat for Jodan. Defending with ageuke gyakuzuki.

Change legs & repeat Both students. Attack & defend.