10-12 weeks training time, minimum 10 points accrued

General Requirements

FunakoshiStudents should show a good quality of stance, speed and power. Kata and any techniques demonstrated should be performed without mistakes and must bedelivered with proper timing, continuation and kime (focus of power and energy).

DACHI  Stance demonstration

1. SHOMEN NI  Full body facing (Natural stance)

2. HANMI  Half body ( forward & back both sides)

3. ZEN  Front stance (forward & back both sides)

4. KIBA  Side body  (forward & back both sides)

Kihon (Basics)

5. Make Gedanbarai (groin block). Step Forward Gedanbarai x3 Mawatte. (turn)

6. Age Uke (rising block) x 3 stepping forward, Mawatte (turn)

7. Soto Uke (outside block) x 3 stepping forward, Mawatte (turn)

8. Oi Zuki chudan (stepping punch) x 3 stepping forward, Mawatte (turn) Yame.

9. Make front stance,  Mae Geri (front kick) x 3 stepping forward, (turn) Yame

10. Make side stance Yoko Geri Kiage (side snap kick) in Kiba Dachi (side stance) x 3, Mawatte (turn) Yame.

Kata (Form)

Kihon Kata / Taikyoku Shodan (Basic form)

Halfway only. No count

Kumite (Sparring)

Without partner from Yoi Dachi (natural stance)

x2 punches Chudan (middle)  then  x2 outside blocks.

x2 punches Jodan (head)  then  x2 rising blocks.