Saxon Karate is the right place for you if you or your child want to learn karate, discipline and respect in friendly and safe environment with a club that can provide you with professional tuition, internationally recognized Dan grade awards, opportunities for national and international competition and travel, and countless friends and ways to socialize.

Starting training in karate with us could not be easier – all you need is your will, loose clothing (a t-shirt and jogging bottoms; no trainers) and a training fee. One training session costs £5 for juniors (up to 16) and £6 for adults. There are no other costs involved for you to start learning karate. We do not ask for joining fee, and we do not operate a standing order system.

Things get more serious when you’ve decided that you want to continue training (usually people know after about 6 lessons) and you decide to take your first exam. Then you will need a Karate Gi, i.e., traditional karate suit. We train in white Gi’s that should be maintained clean at all times.

After your first grading you will be required to get a licence which will provide you with extensive third party insurance. This is compulsory to protect you and your fellow training partners. The annual cost of the licence is £25 with a one off fee of £4.50 for a licence record book.