Saturday, 21st October, 2017

It is Very rare to be surprised these days but last night at Littleborough class the arrival of erstwhile errant Saxon Black belts… Richard, Hazel, Daniel & Chris Heath plus the appearance (Think She was Kidnapped) of Angie Wardle Left me semi speechless…. (Well for 5 seconds anyway) I Know this sounds a little soft around the edges for me but I felt so proud to see them training in Gi’s once more (and to be able to torture my mate Richard Mighty As I looked around the packed DoJo I remembered all of the students first Lessons. and realised ALL the classes are like that. I am so fortunate to Head such a fantastic club as Saxon & its members. Thank You all. By the way to our returnees… let’s change those white belts back to Black asap. It just does not look right. …. Sensei Leigh.

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